Shoreham Dogs Trust Summer Fun day: Raising awareness and bringing people together

Shoreham Dogs Trust hosted a Summer Fun Day today in the grounds surrounding their kennels and hundreds turned up to show their support.

There was something for everyone today with dog shows, agility courses and raffles, with all proceeds going towards funding the Dogs Trust in Shoreham.

This event takes place seasonally throughout the year to raise awareness of what the charity does and how people can get involved.

The charity want people to realise just how many dogs are in need of good homes and raise awareness to give these animals a second shot with a loving family.

In just the last five years the estimated amount of stray dogs in the UK has gone down by just over 31%.

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 18.11.30.jpg

The Dogs Trust say this is largely down to more people getting their pets microchipped.

Last year alone 8284 were reunited with their owners after being brought to local authorities, as they had luckily been microchipped.

Microchipping allows you to put your details into a chip that is inserted just under the skin behind the neck of your dog.

It means that if they get lost, are found and taken to a centre and are not physically wearing a tag, your details can be found and can help reunite you with your beloved pet.

The Dogs Trust offer this service and urge that it is essential to keep your pet safe.

With more and more people ensuring they do get their dogs micro-chipped, the Dogs Trust hope the number of stray dogs in the UK will continue to decrease.

The Shoreham Dogs Trust site currently has 52 kennels and currently has 36 dogs looking for new homes.

Volunteers who work there said that it was great to see so many people come to the Summer Fun Day, bringing their dogs with them.

Many of these dogs had been re-homed by Shoreham Dogs Trust and returned as visitors, loved and cared for by their new families.

The event brought to light some of the services that the Dogs Trust in Shoreham offers, such as their new Training Club.

Canine Carer Aaron said that this will help dogs who have behavioural issues and aim to help them so that in the long run, these issues become obsolete.

This service is not just for dogs who are at the Dogs Trust and has been offered to all who feel their dog would benefit from some training.

Aaron also said that they are urging people to adopt not shop.

He said that the internet has made it too easy for people to buy dogs unknowingly, whereas if they were to come to the Dogs Trust, they can get expert advice – even if not adopting from them.

He hopes that by encouraging this, fewer dogs will end up in care and in desperate need of love and a caring home.

The Summer Fun Day brought people together and raised awareness on what the Dogs Trust do and how you can get involved.

For more information on future events and how you can get involved, visit:



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